Flow Cafe

The Flow Cafe makes ready to eat (or to go) sandwiches using our home baked bread! All of our burgers and pizzas are made from scratch. Delicious! Come and chill, have some coffee or our special smoothies.

Surf the waves or surf the web with our free WiFi.
Just relax, take it slow and let the good time roll.

Open everyday!
Mon-Fri 10.00am - 10.30pm 
Sat-Sun 8.00am - 11.00pm


August Promotion

1. Creation of the Month:  Bruschetta THB 79+

Italian appetizer with 3 toppings  avocado, mushroom and tomato.

2. Burger of the Month:  Burger Kapraw THB 220+
Thai style burger basil and chili with selection of Beef, Pork, Chicken

3. Pizza of the Month:  Four Cheese Pizza THB 220+
Pizza with 4 different cheese- Feta, Bocconcini, Cheddar and Emental


4. Coffee of the Month: 

Irish Latte with Chocolate Muffin THB 90+

Iced Caramel Nut Coffee Shake with Chocolate Muffin THB 110+

September Promotion

1. Creation of the Month:  Vol au vent Bt. 89+
Ham and mushroom Vol au vent serve in 3 pieces.

2. Burger of the Month:  Tom Yum Goong Burger Bt. 260+
Burger in Thai style with favor of Tom yum prawn.

3. Pizza of the Month:  Pizza  Four Seasons  Bt.220+
Combination of four delicious topping of pizza carrot, mushroom, anchovy and kalamala olive. 

4. Coffee of the Month: 

Mint Late with brownie Bt. 90+ 

Banana Mocha Shake with brownie Bt.110+